2 Philadelphia men charged in Mullica crash that injured 65-year-old

A traffic stop in Mullica Township resulted in a traffic crash that injured a 65-year-old man in Hammonton.

The incident began when police officers in Mullica Township pulled over a green Toyota minivan near Seventh Street and South White Horse Pike. The vehicle sped away and headed toward Hammonton. The police determined that the vehicle had been stolen from Philadelphia.

The driver of the van allegedly caused a head-on collision with another vehicle near Route 30 and Pleasant Mills Road. The 65-year-old driver of the other vehicle sustained moderate injuries in the head-on accident.

Three individuals exited the van and fled the accident scene on foot. In a joint effort by law enforcement officers from Mullica and Hammonton, the two male suspects and one female suspect were found and arrested within 40 minutes.

The police identified the driver of the Toyota minivan as 19-year-old Antonia Villalongo.  He was charged with third-degree assault by auto, second-degree eluding resulting in an accident with injuries, and fourth-degree receiving stolen property. 

Police officers charged 18-year-old Kenneth E. Day, Jr., a passenger in the minivan, with fourth-degree eluding policy by flight. The third person in the vehicle was a female juvenile. She also has charged pending against her.

Common Injuries Caused by Head-On Crashes

Head-on crashes are very dangerous. People sustain catastrophic and fatal injuries. In a study from the Australian National Crash In-depth Study, front-end accidents can cause lower limb injuries and chest injuries for occupants in seat belts. Occupants not wearing seat belts often sustain more severe chest and lower extremity injuries, in addition to severe facial and head injuries.

The study showed that the injuries in a head-on accident are usually much worse for individuals not wearing a seat belt. Much damage can be done when the person slams into the instrument panel and steering wheel. Further studies show that frontal crashes continue to cause lower extremity injuries, even in newer car models. 

Potential head-on accident injuries include:

The cost of head-on crashes can be substantial. Medical costs can total hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially in catastrophic injury cases. If the person is in the hospital and has a lengthy recovery, the loss of income can also reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For victims who sustain permanent impairments or disabilities, the lifetime costs of a head-on accident can reach into the millions of dollars. A person may require personal care and in-home health care. 

In addition to the financial costs of head-on accidents, emotional damages can be overwhelming. The pain and suffering from injuries and the loss of quality of life can be immeasurable.

Typical Causes of Frontal Accidents  

Many of the front-end collisions are caused by driver negligence and wrongdoing. Examples of common situations and factors that can lead to a head-on accident include, but are not limited to:

In some cases, a head-on crash may be unavoidable. Remaining alert and focused on the road can help reduce the risk of an accident. You cannot control what other drivers do, but you can give yourself the seconds you need to avoid a crash by keeping your eyes and mind on the road.

Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney for a Head-On Car Accident?

You are not required to consult with a personal injury attorney about a car accident claim. However, because you can handle an injury claim yourself does not always mean that doing so is in your best interest.

The insurance company is glad to work directly with you to settle your claim. It may offer you a quick settlement so that you have money coming in if you are out of work. Be careful if you choose to work with the insurance company.

A claims adjuster is not going to tell you the actual value of your claim. The insurance company is not interested in paying compensation that equals the full value of your claim. It wants to pay less than your claim is worth.

Also, once you settle a car accident claim, your claim is closed. You cannot file a lawsuit against the driver, even if you discover you have additional injuries or damages. You may not be able to sue other parties if the release covers all actions related to the accident.

Before you accept a settlement for a car insurance claim, sign documents for the insurance company, or agree to provide a formal statement, you may want to talk to a car accident lawyer. Take the time to get the facts about your options and rights from a trusted legal source.

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