How Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Lost Wages in Pennsylvania?

If you are injured at work, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation pay for lost wages. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides a formula for calculating lost wages when a worker is injured on the job. The formula is based on your average weekly… read more

What Does Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Over 2.5 million work-related injuries are reported each year in the United States. Injuries at work are costly for employers and employees. Workers’ compensation laws protect employees and employers. If you’ve been injured at work in Philadelphia, find out more by reading below. What is… read more

How Much is My Workers’ Compensation Case Worth in Pennsylvania?

If an employee is injured at work or develops a work-related illness, the employee may receive workers’ compensation benefits. The Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act ensures that an employee injured at work receives the medical care the employee needs without cost to the employee. Depending on… read more

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation If I Got Coronavirus at Work?

The pandemic of COVID-19 has taken over the world and put many businesses in a precarious position. Do they continue to open and have workers come in or should they close in an attempt to help stop the spread of the virus? For some essential… read more

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Pennsylvania if I Was Injured at Lunch?

Worker’s compensation is employer-paid insurance. The employee does not pay for coverage. The insurance covers injuries that an employee sustains if they are injured on the job. There are two main purposes of worker’s compensation. First, it is intended to help pay for medical bills… read more

Not so Personal, Personal Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia

This week I met with two different individuals who scheduled consultations because they were unhappy with the attorneys they had hired to represent them.  The first woman had a personal injury claim pending as a result of a slip and fall accident and was unhappy… read more

Federal Court Decision Highlights Importance Of Carefully Reading And Properly Negotiating Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Pennsylvania

Workers’ compensation claims in Pennsylvania are settled via a vehicle known as a Compromise and Release Agreement. There is a standard, pre-printed form that parties are required to use when settling a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim. The injured worker and both attorneys must appear before… read more

Pennsylvania Superior Court Holds That It Is Illegal To Use Voice Memo App On Smartphone To Record Conversation

In Pennsylvania, the Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Control Act prohibits the interception of oral communications without the consent of both parties to a conversation. The law was passed over 30 years ago and provides that a person is guilty of a felony if he intentionally… read more

Workers’ Compensation Judge Denies Employer’s Termination Petition

The attorneys at Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC recently received a favorable decision from a Philadelphia workers’ compensation judge on behalf of our client. We were retained by our client, a 49 year old licensed practical nurse employed by a local health system, after her… read more

Workers’ Compensation Judge’s Decision Suspending Benefits Overturned in Pennsylvania

A recent decision by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board held that the workers’ compensation judge erred when he suspended the claimant’s benefits without proof of job availability. The claimant injured her neck as a result of repetitive work activities. She eventually underwent neck surgery… read more