A spinal cord injury can be devastating for both victims and their loved ones. This type of injury can result in a permanent disability that affects all aspects of life. For help negotiating your claim, Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers can provide expert representation with an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer in our practice serving clients throughout Philadelphia, PA.

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What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

In 2014, an estimated 276,000 individuals were living with a spinal cord injury. A spinal cord injury occurs when a person receives a traumatic blow to the spine which damages the spinal cord. Most injuries do not sever the spinal cord. Instead, an injury usually damages the axons which carry signals for proper body function.

The victim typically suffers permanent changes in strength, sensation, and other bodily functions below the site of the injury. Spinal cord injuries often have devastating consequences for the victim, including paraplegia or quadriplegia, necessitating extensive rehabilitation and care for life.

Car accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injury, followed by slip and fall injuries, acts of violence, and sports or recreational activities. These injuries are often the result of negligence, whether by a reckless driver, an improperly maintained property, or other circumstances.

The Lasting Effects

Many victims with spinal cord injuries are considered to have catastrophic injuries. These are injuries that have life-changing effects for the victim and their loved ones. Victims who suffer spinal cord injuries may experience long-term issues with bowel control, skin sensation, circulatory control, respiratory system health, muscle tone, fitness and wellness, pain, and depression.

Spinal cord injuries can also affect the victim’s family and loved ones. Family members may lose the income that was contributed by the victim or have had to quit working themselves to provide proper care for their loved one. Families also suffer emotional strain from caring for a seriously injured family member.

We have a proven track record of seeking the maximum restitution possible for clients and victims of catastrophic injuries. Our diligent, compassionate advice and counsel can help you focus on recovery at such a difficult time.

Seeking Restitution

If your spinal cord injury was caused by the negligence or recklessness of someone else, then you may be entitled to compensation in the form of monetary damages. Typical damages from a spinal cord injury case include lost wages, loss of earning capacity, past and future medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

In very tragic cases, a spinal cord injury can result in the wrongful death of the victim. In these situations, loved ones can seek additional restitution for loss of companionship and consortium. Punitive damages may also be awarded if the party at fault acted maliciously or with reckless indifference.

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With over 30 years of success handling personal injury cases, the attorneys at Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers can provide vital legal representation for you and your loved ones. We have a proven track record of obtaining the maximum restitution possible for victims of catastrophic injuries. Our diligent, compassionate advice and counsel can help you focus on your recovery during such difficult times.

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