Personal Injury Settlements: Myths vs. Reality

Navigating the personal injury claim process can be tricky. There are also several myths and misunderstandings about personal injury settlements and cases.  It is essential to have a better idea of what to expect if you’ve been the victim of a personal injury accident.  To… read more

Symptoms of a Broken Tailbone

Have you ever taken a tumble and landed right on your backside? It’s a pain, right? But sometimes, that pain lingers, making you wonder if you’ve broken your tailbone.  Your tailbone, also known as the coccyx, is a small, triangular bone at the bottom of… read more

How To Prepare for a Deposition in Philadelphia

Whether you are the plaintiff in a personal injury case or a witness to an accident, it is important to prepare for your deposition in Philadelphia.  Many people assume that they can answer questions on the fly. This can backfire and result in a stressful… read more

What Is Considered a “Reasonable Person” When It Comes To Negligence?

In legal terms, a “reasonable person” is someone who behaves with the same care, caution, and judgment that an ordinary person would under similar circumstances. When dealing with negligence cases, the question of what a reasonable person would do becomes particularly important. It helps establish… read more

What Is the Difference Between Negligence and Negligence Per Se?

The primary difference between negligence and negligence per se is the presumption the at-fault party breached their duty of care. That presumption can sometimes help an injured vehicle win a personal injury case. First, let’s review what we need to prove for a negligence claim… read more

Can Christmas Lights Start a Fire?

Christmas lights set the tone for a festive season, and they turn entire neighborhoods into magical wonderlands every December. Unfortunately, under some circumstances, they can start fires with tragic consequences. The Prevalence of Christmas Light Fires According to the National Fire Protection Association, holiday decorations… read more

Can I Bring a Personal Injury Claim on Behalf of a Child in Philadelphia?

Parents do everything they can to protect their children from injuries and harm. Unfortunately, parents might not be able to protect their children from all accidents and injuries, regardless of hard they might try.  When a child is injured, they might have a claim against… read more

Allstate Worst Insurance Company For Consumers

Having insurance is a necessary expense in our modern world. We insure our health care, our vehicles, our homes and our personal belongings. Great advances have been made in medical, safety, and security technology, but accidents still happen.  If you’re in a car accident, one… read more

How Long Does It Take to Get a Personal Injury Settlement Check in Philadelphia?

If you were recently injured in a car accident, slip and fall accident, defective product accident, or another personal injury incident, you are probably anxious about your settlement check.  However, getting a check faster may mean that you are leaving money on the table. An… read more

Is It Possible To Get Out of Jury Duty in Philadelphia?

For those that meet the requirements, jury duty is a civil service that helps ensure the justice system works fairly and equally. Every day, hundreds of Philadelphians receive a jury summons in the mail to serve in civil and criminal trials. While some cases may… read more