How Likely Are You To Get in a Motorcycle Accident in Philadelphia, PA?

All of Pennsylvania seems to be made for driving around on a motorcycle, enjoying the crisp air and the gorgeous views. It’s no surprise, then, that there are 354,866 registered motorcycles and 794,163 licensed motorcyclists in the state.  Unfortunately, motorcyclists in large cities like Philadelphia… read more

Are Motorcycles Worth the Cost?

The allure of owning a motorcycle is undeniable. Motorcycles embody unbridled freedom and excitement—the image of cruising down open highways with the setting sun in the backdrop. Motorcycles symbolize not just a mode of transport but a lifestyle choice. One characterized by adventure and independence…. read more

Do You Have to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in Pennsylvania?

If you ride a motorcycle for the thrill alone, we don’t blame you. There is nothing more exhilarating than feeling the wind on your face as you take to the open road. However, loving the thrill doesn’t mean you should neglect considering the risks of… read more

What Is Lane Splitting?

Many people commute on a motorcycle or bike for one reason and one reason only: lane splitting. This maneuver makes it easy to navigate around traffic and arrive at a destination even sooner. But is lane splitting safe? Is it legal? These are two very… read more

How Safe are Motor Scooters in Philadelphia?

Motor scooters are becoming popular because they use less fuel and produce less pollution compared to other vehicles. They are generally less expensive than a motorcycle. However, Pennsylvania has strict laws regarding the legal operation of motor scooters within the state. What is Considered a… read more

Facts About Road Rash

One of the most common types of motorcycle injuries a rider experiences in a crash is road rash. In many cases, road rash is not life-threatening and heals within a few weeks of the accident. However, some riders experience severe cases of road rash or… read more

Do I Need a Lawyer if I Was Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents were responsible for 4,985 deaths in 2018. Additionally, thousands of people are injured in motorcycle accidents each year. Even though a rider wears a motorcycle helmet and other protective gear, a rider can be seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. Motorcycle crashes can… read more

Is Riding A Motorcycle More Dangerous Than Driving A Car?

A motorcycle accident can cause severe injuries and can even result in fatalities. The NHTSA estimates that 72 out of 100,000 motorcycle accidents result in fatalities. This means that the death rate for motorcycle accidents is even higher than that of car accidents. Even if… read more