What are the Safest Cars for Your Teenager?

It can be a nerve-racking and stressful time when your teenager finally gets their license and is able to drive on their own. For many parents, the thought of releasing them into the world keeps them up at night. What if they get in a… read more

Six Things GEICO Doesn’t Want You Know When Settling an Insurance Claim

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2 Philadelphia men charged in Mullica crash that injured 65-year-old

A traffic stop in Mullica Township resulted in a traffic crash that injured a 65-year-old man in Hammonton. The incident began when police officers in Mullica Township pulled over a green Toyota minivan near Seventh Street and South White Horse Pike. The vehicle sped away… read more

Nine Factors That Determine How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement

Each car accident case is unique. The amount of your settlement is based on the facts and circumstances in the case. You may need money now, but fight the urge to settle a car accident claim until you have all the facts about your injuries… read more

How to Obtain a Car Accident Report in Philadelphia

Most people who are involved in a car accident in Philadelphia call 911 to report the accident. Under Pennsylvania law, individuals involved in a traffic accident must immediately notify the police department of the crash if anyone is killed or injured. Also, the parties must… read more

Is it Legal to Drive Barefoot in Philadelphia?

Going barefoot is a matter of personal preference. Many people prefer going barefoot in their homes and while driving their cars. However, is driving barefoot in Philadelphia a crime? No Federal or State Laws Prohibit Driving Barefoot Contrary to popular belief, there is not a… read more

Consequences of Using Your Cell Phone While Driving in Pennsylvania

If you’re pulled over for sending or reading a text on your cell phone while driving in Philadelphia, you’re looking at an automatic $50 fine, court costs, and other fees.  Charges for violations like these usually trigger a hike in your insurance premiums as well. … read more

What is the Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Lawsuits in Philadelphia?

Car accidents are common occurrences. While they can be completely accidental, there is usually at least one party to blame. You may have high medical bills or you may have lost wages if you were injured in an accident. You could also have on-going medical… read more

Car Accidents are the Number One cause of Teenage Deaths

What is the number one cause of teen fatalities? Unsurprisingly, car accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths. Any parent in Philadelphia knows that teen drivers are new to the roads and lack experience. Rates for teen driver deaths do seem to be declining… read more

How are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated After an Accident?

After experiencing an accident, you may have both physical and mental injuries. These may not be harms that are easy to calculate. Rather, they may be things like a lower quality of life, humiliation, disfigurement, PTSD, depression, or severe anxiety caused by the accident. In… read more