How to Get a Police Report for an Accident in Philly

According to Pennsylvania law, you must report a car accident that results in injury, death, or inability to move a vehicle safely by the “quickest means of communication.” For most people involved in a car accident in Philly, calling 911 is the quickest way to… read more

Do I Have to Report a Minor Car Accident in Philadelphia?

Even the most minor motor vehicle accident can be frustrating and nerve-racking. Aside from property damage and possible personal injuries, you will also have to deal with the legal implications.  In most cases, you will need to deal with resulting insurance claims, questions of liability,… read more

What Does Yielding the Right of Way Mean in Philadelphia?

Understanding the rules of the road in Philadelphia, including when you have the right of way and when you need to yield, doesn’t just keep you from getting a traffic citation. It can also help prevent accidents. Failure to yield is one of the most… read more

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident In Philadelphia, PA?

Have you been involved in a car accident in Philadelphia? Pennsylvania is a no-fault state; you can file a claim to collect compensation with your own insurance company. Your insurer is responsible for covering your medical bills and related losses — even if someone else… read more

Secrets of Accident Claims Against GEICO REVEALED!

GEICO sells auto insurance in Pennsylvania through six different entities. When you add all these entities together, GEICO falls in the top ten auto insurance companies in the state. But with only about 7.2% of the market, GEICO sits far behind the state’s top insurer:… read more

Common Car Accident Scenarios — Causes & Determining Fault

In 2020, the U.S. had over 6.75 million auto accidents. Of these, about 4.75 million resulted in injuries and 40,000 resulted in deaths. The remaining 1.95 million crashes only damaged property. Not all of these accidents resulted from negligence. Some accidents result from accidental causes…. read more

Can You Sue For A Car Accident If You Are Not Hurt in Philadelphia?

If you’re injured in a car accident in Philadelphia, you can typically pursue compensation for your medical bills and similar losses by filing a claim to collect from your own insurance. This is because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. In a no-fault state, it doesn’t… read more

Are Car Accident Reports Public Record in Philadelphia?

If you have been in a collision in Philadelphia, PA, you may wonder whether it needs to be reported. After a car accident, it can be hard to know where to start. You may wonder whether a police report of the accident will be necessary… read more

Is Pennsylvania a No-Fault Accident State? 

Pennsylvania is both a fault and no-fault state for automobile accidents. The type of insurance policy a driver chooses determines their rights to pursue damages after a car accident. Understanding fault and no-fault insurance laws before you purchase a car insurance policy is essential. Fault… read more

Treating Vehophobia After a Car Accident

There are many consequences of car accidents. Physical injuries and financial losses are two of the most common types of damages by car crashes. However, emotional distress and psychological injuries are also common damages caused by car wrecks. Vehophobia is a fear of driving a… read more