Car Accident Liability in Philadelphia

Proving fault for a car accident in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the first step in establishing financial liability for damages. You could be entitled to compensation if the other driver caused the car crash. However, you must prove the legal elements for a personal injury claim before the other driver is liable.

The Philadelphia car accident lawyers of Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers have over 80 years of combined experience handling personal injury cases. We have recovered more than $50 million in over 30 years representing personal injury clients. 

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How Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You With a Car Accident Case 

How Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You With a Car Accident Case 

Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers have a proven track record of winning cases. We are also aggressive negotiators for favorable settlements. 

That’s why numerous organizations recognize our attorneys as leading personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia. Our attorneys have been recognized by, the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys, The National Trial Lawyers, Supers Lawyers,, and other organizations. We are dedicated to protecting our clients throughout the legal process. 

When you hire the award-winning legal team at Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate the car crash to determine cause and fault
  • Gather evidence from all available resources, including expert witnesses
  • Evaluate your damages to calculate how much your case is worth
  • File claims with insurance companies and negotiate settlements
  • Go to court and argue your case before a jury, if necessary

Pennsylvania auto insurance laws are complicated, but you do not need to worry. Our Philadelphia car accident attorneys take care of the legal matters while you focus on your recovery.

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What Is Car Accident Liability in Philadelphia?

Liability creates financial responsibility. Car accident liability refers to the legal requirement to compensate accident victims. 

Therefore, if the other driver caused your car accident, they can be ordered to pay you for your damages. The damages for a car accident claim include compensation for pain and suffering. It also includes reimbursement for your financial losses. 

Proving Negligence for Car Accident Liability in Philadelphia 

Before the insurance company agrees to pay your claim or a jury rules in your favor, you must prove the other driver negligently or intentionally caused the accident. Most car accident cases are based on negligence

Therefore, you must prove the following:

  • The motorist owed you a legal duty of care
  • The motorist breached the duty of care because of their conduct
  • The breach of duty caused the car accident
  • You sustained damages because of the collision

We use numerous types of evidence to prove liability. Our legal team collects evidence from the accident scene, including photographs, videos of the collision, and physical evidence. We also gather medical records, accident reports, and statements from eyewitnesses. 

The other driver’s insurance company might try to blame you for causing the accident. A reason for this strategy is to lower the amount of damages the company must pay for your claim. Pennsylvania contributory fault laws decrease your compensation if you are partially to blame for the car crash.

What Damages Are Paid for Car Accident Liability in Philadelphia?

When you prove liability for a car accident, you can demand the at-fault party pay you for your economic and non-economic damages. The types of damages you could receive include:

Proving liability does not guarantee payment of your claim. You need an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer handling your case. Our lawyers at Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers understand how to use evidence to build a solid case for compensation of damages. 

What Steps Can I Take To Protect My Rights After a Philadelphia Car Accident?

What you do after a traffic accident can impact whether you win your case. Steps to take after a motor vehicle accident include:

As soon as possible, contact our law office to talk with an experienced Philadelphia car accident attorney. Before you talk with an insurance adjuster, sign documents, or accept a settlement offer, it is in your best interest to have sound legal advice about car accident liability in Philadelphia. 

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It can be challenging to prove liability in some situations. It might be your word against what the other driver says happened. Let our legal team take care of the case for you. 

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