How Safe are Motor Scooters in Philadelphia?

How Safe are Motor Scooters in Philadelphia?

Motor scooters are becoming popular because they use less fuel and produce less pollution compared to other vehicles. They are generally less expensive than a motorcycle. However, Pennsylvania has strict laws regarding the legal operation of motor scooters within the state.

What is Considered a Motor Scooter in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law defines a motor scooter is a vehicle with a motor that does not exceed five brake horsepower.

A motor scooter can operate on most roads within the state, provided that the scooter is equipped with the necessary equipment to pass a state vehicle inspection. If the scooter has the proper equipment, it must be able to travel at least as fast as the minimum speed for the road. Traffic laws required vehicles to operate at speeds fast enough not to impede the normal flow of traffic.

Before operating a motor scooter, a driver needs to understand all requirements for motor scooters in Pennsylvania. It is also wise to check with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that motor scooters can be operated on all roads within a town or county.

What are the Requirements for Motor Scooters in Philadelphia?

The criteria for operating a motor scooter within Pennsylvania are:

  • The motor is limited to no more than five brake horsepower;
  • Motor scooters are required to pass vehicle inspections;
  • Motor scooters must have a registration plate;
  • Scooter drivers and riders must follow Pennsylvania motorcycle helmet laws;
  • Motor scooter drivers and riders must wear eye protection;
  • Drivers must have a motorcycle license if the motor scooter does not have an automatic transmission or the motor exceeds 50 ccs; and,
  • Scooter operators must comply with the state’s minimum automobile liability insurance requirements.

Unfortunately, motor scooter accidents are common. Other drivers do not see the motor scooters because they are smaller vehicles. Motor scooter accidents cause severe and traumatic injuries for riders.

Common Motor Scooter Injuries and Damages

When a motor scooter rider is involved in an accident, the rider has little to no protection from injuries. The injuries can vary from mild to catastrophic and life-threatening.

Common injuries caused by motor scooter accidents include, but are not limited to:

Many motor scooter accident victims are taken to the hospital from the accident scene. If you do not go to the emergency room after an accident, see your doctor as soon as possible. Quick medical care is important for your recovery, but also an insurance claim.

Delays in medical care can hurt your injury claim. You must prove you sustained injuries in the motor scooter accident, as well as prove fault, to recover compensation from the other driver.

What are the Causes of Motor Scooter Accidents in Philadelphia?

Motor scooter accidents are often caused by human error. The causes of motor scooter crashes are similar to the causes of other traffic accidents.

Some of the factors that can contribute to the cause of a motor scooter accident include, but are not limited to:

The steps you take after a motor scooter accident can impact the outcome of your case. Working with a personal injury lawyer is one step that you can take to improve your chance of recovering maximum value for your claim.

What Should I Do After a Motor Scooter Accident?

Dial 911 to request emergency aid or ask someone to call for you. Reporting the accident and seeking medical care are top priorities.

If possible, try to document the accident scene. Use your cell phone to take photographs and make videos of the accident scene. While waiting for the ambulance and police officers to arrive, ask eyewitnesses for their contact information.

An insurance adjuster or investigator may contact you after the accident. It is best not to provide statements or answer questions until you speak with an attorney.

The insurance company wants to get as much information as possible from you before you speak with an attorney. Anything you say could be used in the future to hurt your case. Therefore, it is always best to talk to a motor scooter injury lawyer before you talk to the insurance company about your accident.

As you recover from the crash, keep copies of all documents, records, and receipts to document your damages. Also, keep careful notes about your recovery, injuries, and conversations with medical providers. These notes can help your lawyer prepare for settlement negotiations with the insurance company.

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