What to Expect at an Initial Legal Consultation With a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Philly

What to Expect at an Initial Legal Consultation With a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Philly

Most people have a daily routine. It provides structure and a sense of certainty in an often uncertain and unpredictable world.  

If you are injured at work, this rhythm is upset. You are thinking of calling a workers’ compensation lawyer, perhaps the first lawyer you’ve ever called in your life. What are they going to ask me? What do I need to know? 

You’ve been hurt at work and need help recovering compensation for your injuries and lost wages. The smartest first move is to immediately set up a meeting with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Philly. 

What to expect at an initial legal consultation? Basically it will be a mutual exchange of information. The lawyer will want to know the details of your case, and you will want to know how the lawyer is going to help you get the best possible result.

PA Workers Compensation Law in a Nutshell

Pennsylvania companies are required by state law to have workers’ compensation insurance. The law is in place to make sure that workers who have suffered a work-related injury or illness can recover lost wages and medical expenses related to the injury.

The workers compensation system is intended to be the only framework within which these cases are settled. The hope is that the worker will obtain compensation quickly, no one will have to go to court, and the workplace environment will be safer overall. 

The Initial Meeting–Tell the Story of Your Case

At this first meeting, you will tell the attorney all of the details of your case, your injury and the treatment you have received so far. If you have them share the names of any witnesses and photos of the accident scene and your injury.

Once the attorney has the general idea of your case, they will want to get a handle on the specific details. If possible, bring as much information related to your case as you can to this meeting.

Helpful Documents to Bring    

The more information you can provide to the attorney at this initial meeting, the easier it will be for them to assess the nature of your case. If you can, try and bring:

  1. Workers’ compensation information. This includes any paperwork received from your company about workers compensation or anything received from their workers’ compensation insurance company.
  2. Documents regarding your injury. The lawyer will want to see the official who, what, where and how of your case. Also helpful are pictures taken of the injury initially and then over time. 
  3. Employment Records. All the information related to the specifics of your job will be helpful to the attorney. Information like when you were hired, your job title, your job description are important, as are actual pay stubs if you have them. 
  4. Medical Records. You were injured to the point that you couldn’t work and you have to prove it. Show the lawyer documentation for any medical expenses that can be attributed to the injury. 

If it’s not written down, it’s hard to prove it happened. If you’re not sure if it relates to the case, bring it anyway.  

The Attorney Will Lay Out What Comes Next

Once the attorney has gone over your documents, they will tell what to expect for your case going forward. They will explain how much they charge and estimate to the best of their ability how much you can expect to recover for your case. They will let you know if there is anything else you need to do on your part to move your case forward.

Does Your Attorney Feel Right for You?

Don’t feel like you have to go with the first attorney you meet with. It’s vital that you are comfortable with your attorney and feel that they have your best interests as their top priority. If anything feels not quite right, don’t ignore it. Trust your gut and move on. 

Our Workers’ Compensation Firm in Philly Can Help

Injuries at work happen, but they don’t have to throw your life completely off-kilter. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will tell you exactly what you need to do to get the compensation and medical treatment you may be entitled to. 

Calling for a free initial consultation could be the smartest move you can make. 

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