Truck Driver Convicted in Fatal New Jersey Accident

Wal-mart truck driver Kevin Roper pleaded guilty to charges of vehicular homicide and aggravated assault for the fatal 2014 trucking accident that resulted in comedian James McNair’s death.

Roper was found to have been driving 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit while in a construction zone when he smashed into a limousine filled with famous comedians including Tracy Morgan and James McNair.

Investigations showed that Roper had not slept in over 28 hours prior to the accident, inevitably leading to sleep deprivation, which causes impaired motor function and delayed reaction times. Roper will now face a 36 month program that includes community service and other conditions.

The fact that he had not slept in 28 hours before the accident is startling. By law, trucking companies are prohibited from having their drivers work more than 14 consecutive hours, because drowsy driving has been shown to be just as dangerous as drunk driving.

However, it may be the case that the trucking company did not force Roper to be awake all those consecutive hours. That implies that he did not get any sleep before his shift and only amplifies his personal liability in this tragic accident.

Heavy haul trucks are some of the largest and most dangerous vehicles on the road, making it imperative that truck drivers remain alert and attentive to prevent accidents like this one.

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