Top Five Reasons to Hire a Litigation Lawyer

Not all lawyers have the same practice areas. For example, a patent lawyer is one who helps an inventor protect their intellectual property. An estate planning lawyer helps clients draft wills and/or trusts. These practice areas rarely involve trial work, which consists of representing a client’s interest in court and negotiating with other parties for a resolution to the case.

This is what makes litigation lawyers unique. Litigation lawyers perform a range of tasks that other lawyers cannot.

Are you filing a personal injury claim or civil suit? You should strongly consider hiring a litigation lawyer. Here are five reasons why:

1. Litigation Lawyers Have Specialized Skills

Litigators perform many tasks that other lawyers cannot, including:

  • Conducting an investigation
  • Identifying parties who could be liable for your accident
  • Negotiating with insurers and negligent parties for maximum compensation
  • Protecting you from an insurer’s allegations of comparative fault
  • Presenting a compelling case in front of a judge or jury to protect your rights

To better understand why litigation lawyers need specialized skills, consider the following example: Suppose you’re involved in a car accident in the Philadelphia area and are now pursuing compensation from the negligent party.

A litigation lawyer can help in several ways. First, they’ll use their skills to investigate the accident and gather evidence proving negligence. They might subpoena video or dashcam footage of the accident from another party. They may obtain the accident report from law enforcement. Or, they may seek the cell phone records of the at-fault driver if they suspect the driver was distracted at the time of the accident. 

They will use this evidence to prepare an ironclad injury claim and file it with the insurer for the negligent party. However, they will be prepared for the insurer’s attempts to undervalue your claim or blame you for your accident.

Under Pennsylvania law, a victim’s compensation can be reduced if they contributed to the accident. A litigation lawyer can challenge an insurer’s efforts to shift blame to you or pay less than you deserve.

2. Litigation Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Making the Wrong Statements

As mentioned above, insurers may deny or undervalue your claim if they suspect you contributed to your accident. They do this by taking things you say out of context. They may twist a statement you made at the accident scene or in a conversation with an insurance adjuster into an admission of fault.

Litigation lawyers help their clients avoid this problem by advising them on what they should and should not say after their accident. Generally, litigation lawyers handle all major correspondence with the insurance companies. They may also coordinate with other involved parties, such as doctors.

3. A Litigation Lawyer Will Negotiate To Get You the Most for Your Claim

Insurance companies have a reputation for undervaluing claims, especially for claimants without legal representation. They almost always propose a low initial settlement offer that doesn’t account for all your damages. In many cases, they get away with it. After all, accident victims need money for their medical bills and other losses.

 This is one of the top reasons to hire a litigator. Litigation lawyers know how to negotiate aggressively on behalf of their clients. With a litigation lawyer on your side, you have much better odds of reaching a fair settlement.

Most injury lawyers use contingency fees. This means they don’t charge their clients any fees unless they recover compensation for them first. Therefore, there’s virtually no financial risk in hiring a litigator.

4. Hiring A Litigation Lawyer Will Allow You to Focus on Your Recovery

A litigation lawyer is qualified to handle all aspects of your case, from conducting an investigation to completing and filing paperwork.

This is helpful for many reasons. For instance, perhaps you’re pursuing compensation after sustaining a catastrophic injury. Your focus right now should be on your recovery. Your litigation lawyer can handle all legal burdens of getting you the money you deserve.

5. Litigation Lawyers Understand Relevant Laws and Procedures

Numerous court procedures and policies may affect your case. A strong litigator will understand how to navigate them effectively. For example, a skilled litigator will know the deadlines for filing your injury case. They’ll file everything on time to ensure you don’t waive your right to compensation. 

Contact a Litigator for Help with Your Injury Claim

Have you been injured? Do you believe you deserve to be compensated for your losses? If so, consider seeking representation from a litigator. A litigation attorney will have the skills and experience to provide the help you deserve.

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