Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident In Philadelphia, PA?

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident In Philadelphia?

Have you been involved in a car accident in Philadelphia? Pennsylvania is a no-fault state; you can file a claim to collect compensation with your own insurance company. Your insurer is responsible for covering your medical bills and related losses — even if someone else caused your accident.

Just understand that insurance companies are profit-driven businesses. Your insurer’s goal is to avoid financial losses whenever possible. Therefore, they may look for reasons to deny your claim. If they can’t find any, they might still offer a payout that doesn’t reflect the true value of your losses.

This is one of many reasons you should schedule a free consultation with a Philadelphia car accident lawyer before taking action. An attorney can review your case and determine if you need legal representation. 

What Will a Lawyer Do for Your Claim?

If you do hire a lawyer, they will handle tasks such as:

  • Investigating the accident and gathering evidence
  • Documenting your injuries and related losses
  • Filing a thorough claim

Most importantly, an attorney will negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement on your behalf. Your lawyer can’t promise you will receive a specific amount of money, but they can maximize your chances of recovering the full value of your claim.

However, you might be wondering whether it’s necessary to meet with a lawyer after a minor car accident. This overview will explain why seeking legal assistance is a good idea.

Is a Lawyer Necessary After a Minor Car Accident in Philadelphia?

There are certain essential steps you should take in the immediate aftermath of a car accident, such as:

  • Getting to safety
  • Calmly checking on other drivers and passengers in the accident
  • Calling the police to report the accident (which you may be legally required to do)
  • Exchanging contact information and insurance information with the other driver
  • Taking pictures of the scene, your vehicle, and any injuries you may have sustained
  • Getting the names and contact information of any witnesses
  • Cooperating with the investigating officer when they arrive

As soon as the officer permits you to leave the scene, you should seek immediate medical attention. This is critical even if you do not believe you have sustained any serious injuries.

Some injuries may not be noticeable right away. You may only become aware of them in the days or weeks after your accident. If you wait to see a doctor, you could jeopardize your health. 

Failing to seek medical care after an accident can also jeopardize your claim. If you don’t seek care right away, an insurer could accuse you of failing to mitigate damages. This can give them justification to offer you less compensation.

After seeing a doctor, you should strongly consider scheduling a free consultation with a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia — even if your accident was minor. The consultation is free, so there’s certainly no harm in reviewing your case with an attorney. 

There is a possibility you’re eligible for more compensation than you realize. It’s worth your time to at least meet with a legal professional before deciding to handle the matter on your own. They may even discover additional legal avenues to recover money for your injuries.

Most car accident lawyers enter into contingency fee agreements with their clients. That means they don’t charge for their services up-front. Instead, they only charge their client if they recover compensation for them first. Their fee will usually be a percentage of that compensation.

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