PHP Reports: What You Need To Know

PHP Reports: What You Need To Know

If you get involved in a car crash in Pennsylvania, you may need to file a car accident report. A collision must be immediately reported to the authorities when it results in a fatality, injury, or vehicle damage extensive enough to prevent it from being safely or ordinarily driven. 

When a crash is reported, an accident report is created. This accident report contains important information that can be useful to you and to your attorney. Therefore, it is important to know how to obtain a copy of this report from the Pennsylvania Highway Patrol (PHP) or the Pennsylvania State Police.

How Car Accident Reports Are Created in Pennsylvania

There are two ways that accident reports are created. First, if law enforcement is called to the scene of the accident, they will usually complete and file the accident report for you. If the crash is one that must be reported to law enforcement, drivers must notify their nearest police department, sheriff’s office, or state police immediately.

When law enforcement responds to a crash, they will gather information from the involved parties that is necessary to complete the accident report. You or another involved party may be asked to file a supplemental report. If so, you will be given instructions on how to do this.

Law enforcement does not need to respond to all wrecks in Pennsylvania, however. If there are no injuries and the property damage to vehicles is minor, law enforcement may not come to the crash scene and may not make a report. 

If the police do not respond, you and the other driver may still need to file a report on form AA-600 with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation within five days of the crash.

Getting a Copy of Your Accident Report

Accident reports are available from the Pennsylvania State Police at least 15 days after the crash is reported. You are only able to request your own accident report; you are not authorized to get an accident report for a crash in which you were not involved.

You can request a copy of your accident report either online or by mail. If you do choose to request your report by mail, you will need to complete form SP 7-0015. This form asks for information about your crash and how you were involved in the accident. 

Whether you make your request by mail or online, there is a fee that must be paid before a copy of your report will be sent to you.

Why You Might Need Your PHP Accident Report

Aside from having a legal obligation to report accidents, there are practical benefits to making a timely report of a collision and obtaining a copy of that report. 

By reporting a crash quickly, you are in a much better position to accurately remember the details of the accident. A detailed and accurate report can help defeat later claims for compensation filed by other involved parties claiming excessive damages.

Additionally, if your insurer requires you to report all accidents in which you are involved, getting a copy of your report makes it simple to fulfill this obligation.

PHP Reports Are Essential Tools

An accident report can be useful documentation of the facts of your car accident, helping your insurer and your attorney better understand what happened. While it may be cumbersome to report a minor collision, the benefits of having an accurate record of the details of your crash that can be used later far outweigh any inconvenience.

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