Man Killed While Crossing North Broad Street in Philadelphia

A recent traffic accident in North Philadelphia claimed the life of an elderly. According to news reports, the man had just left a gas station and was attempting to cross North Broad Street when he was struck by a passing car shortly after 5 AM…. read more

11 Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are pretty common in Philadelphia. According to Philly car accident statistics, there were more than 30 crashes every single day in Philadelphia County in 2018. Many of these accidents inflict a wide range of injuries. These are the most common injuries reported after… read more

What To Do After an Out Of State Car Accident

You have to travel to Austin, TX for work. You hop on a flight from PHL to AUS and rent a car when you land. As you’re driving to your hotel, you’re broadsided by another vehicle as they run a speed through an intersection to… read more

Can I Hide a Nanny Camera in My Home? Is That Legal?

So, you want to hide a nanny cam in your home to keep an eye on things while you’re gone. Maybe you want to see who’s been stealing from you. Or, maybe you want to make sure that the babysitter isn’t abusing your kids. Whatever… read more

Philadelphia’s Private Construction Industry is the Most Dangerous

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in today. This is true even when appropriate measures are in place to ensure worker safety. However, not all construction workers face the same degree of risk with their job. In fact, studies show that… read more

What Should I Wear to Court?

Whether you’re a witness, a party to a personal injury lawsuit, or facing criminal charges, going to court can be a big deal. You’ll want to make sure that you make a great first impression. Studies suggest that we form a first impression about someone… read more

What Happens If I Don’t Show Up For Jury Duty?

Jurors provide an essential function in Pennsylvania’s court systems. Without jurors, the state can’t fulfill a criminal defendant’s right to have their case litigating in front of a panel of their peers. Without jurors, injury victims face an uphill battle in holding negligent parties accountable… read more

Five Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Might Not Take Your Case

Hiring a personal injury attorney can make a huge difference if you decide to file a lawsuit after you get into an accident. You’re much more likely to secure a meaningful financial payout with an experienced attorney on your side. However, there might be times… read more

How Will a Statute of Limitations Affect My Ability to File a Lawsuit After an Accident?

In Pennsylvania, you may have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation if you get hurt in an accident. However, this right won’t last forever. The state imposes strict time limits for initiating a legal claim. If you hesitate to assert… read more

I Was Hit By an Uninsured Driver in Philadelphia. Now What?

You get into a car accident in Philadelphia and quickly realize that the person who hit you doesn’t have insurance. What can you do? Can you still recover compensation, or are you out of luck? Fortunately, you can still seek damages for your accident-related costs… read more