Is it Legal to Drive Barefoot in Philadelphia?

Going barefoot is a matter of personal preference. Many people prefer going barefoot in their homes and while driving their cars. However, is driving barefoot in Philadelphia a crime? No Federal or State Laws Prohibit Driving Barefoot Contrary to popular belief, there is not a… read more

What is the Difference Between a Lawyer and Attorney?

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6 Things to Know About a Lawyer Free Consultation

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Is it Legal to Own a Pet Sloth in Pennsylvania?

NOTE: We only handle cases involving accidents and injuries. This article is for informational purposes only. Information found in the article does not constitute as formal legal advice and does not create an attorney/client relationship. We cannot help you beyond the information provided below if… read more

How Much is My Workers’ Compensation Case Worth?

If an employee is injured at work or develops a work-related illness, the employee may receive workers’ compensation benefits. The Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act ensures that an employee injured at work receives the medical care the employee needs without cost to the employee. Depending on… read more

Consequences of Using Your Cell Phone While Driving in Pennsylvania

If you’re pulled over for sending or reading a text on your cell phone while driving in Philadelphia, you’re looking at an automatic $50 fine, court costs, and other fees.  Charges for violations like these usually trigger a hike in your insurance premiums as well. … read more

Is Riding A Motorcycle More Dangerous Than Driving A Car?

A motorcycle accident can cause severe injuries and can even result in fatalities. The NHTSA estimates that 72 out of 100,000 motorcycle accidents result in fatalities. This means that the death rate for motorcycle accidents is even higher than that of car accidents. Even if… read more

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation If I Got Coronavirus at Work?

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What is the Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Lawsuits in Philadelphia?

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Can I Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits if I Was Injured at Lunch?

Worker’s compensation is employer-paid insurance. The employee does not pay for coverage. The insurance covers injuries that an employee sustains if they are injured on the job. There are two main purposes of worker’s compensation. First, it is intended to help pay for medical bills… read more