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What do I need to know about workers’ compensation?

Philadelphia is the center of economic activity in Pennsylvania. This powerful city is one of the major drivers of world business and trade, and the only rival to the diversity of its industries is the diversity of its people. The hardworking employees of our city’s companies form the backbone of one of the wealthiest metropolitan areas in the country, and workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect employees at all times. Here are the answers to some of the most important questions regarding workers’ compensation in Philadelphia, and tips on when you might need a legal team to help.

Q: The law is confusing at best. What exactly is workers’ comp?

A: Employers are strictly liable for injuries that happen to employees on the job because of negligent work conditions. Rather than fight over liability in each suit, workers’ compensation (also known as workman’s comp) is a protection against high damage costs in return for guaranteed limited liability. In simpler terms, each employer guarantees their employees a certain amount of compensation in return for each employee giving up their right to sue for damages.

Q: Which medical expenses does Pennsylvania law cover?

A: Pursuant to Section 531 of the Workers’ Compensation law, employers are liable for providing reasonable coverage for medical expenses, such as:

  • Surgery
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Medical supplies
  • Second opinions and tests

However, in certain situations you must visit one of the designated health care providers of your employer’s choosing for 90 days after the first visit.

Q: My employer’s doctor recommends surgery. What are my options?

A: Invasive surgery is never something to take lightly. Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation laws protect you from having to take this course of action against your will if it is not necessary. At this point, you are entitled to a second opinion from a health care provider of your choice at the employer’s expense. Should the opinions differ, you can choose which medical counsel to follow.

Q: My injury left me permanently disabled. What am I entitled to under workers’ comp?

A: Pursuant to Section 511 of the Workers’ Compensation law, if you face permanent disability via an injury at work, you are entitled to two-thirds of your weekly wage for the duration of the total disability.

Q: I was injured on the job. What should I do first?

A: First, we recommend seeking immediate medical attention following a serious injury; nothing is more important than your health. Next, file a claim immediately and inform your employer of this decision within 3 weeks. Keep in mind that waiting more than 120 days to file could lead to the nullification of your claim.

Q: My claim was denied. What should I do?

A: If your employer has denied your Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation claim, you must file an appeal to have your case heard by a judge as soon as possible. An experienced legal team can help you prepare the documents and mediate the case. A team of attorneys will give you heavy bargaining power against the powerful insurance company and your employer.

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