Why Should I Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Philadelphia?

The choice of whether or not to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney really should be an easy one and that’s because we don’t take a fee from your benefits unless we get you some benefits unless we have to go to court and fight on your behalf whether to get you benefit or stop the insurance company from cutting off your benefits, there is no fee for hiring us, so there’s no downside.

There’s only upside to hiring a workers’ compensation attorney to have them in your corner to make sure the workers’ compensation insurance company is dotting all the Is and crossing all the Ts making sure that yes they’ve acknowledged your injury not only are they acknowledging it but they’re acknowledging it properly meaning that on the notice of compensation paper they are supposed to issue within 21 days of being notified of your work accident doesn’t state your injury correctly.

Oftentimes people sustain injuries to say their lower back or their neck when they herniated the disk on their head or their back really serious injury and we’ll see documents indicating lumbar strain or sprain or cervical strain and sprain. That’s not a proper notation of what your injury is and therefore while it may seem that the insurance company is doing everything right, it really helps to have a workers’ compensation attorney in your corner taking a look at the documents, making sure that they are right and forcing the insurance company to do the right thing by filing a petition if they don’t do it correctly the first time.

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