Why Has Your Employer Scheduled An IME And What Is an IME Anyway?

You were hurt at work and a workers’ compensation claim was set up by your employer and its insurance carrier. Hopefully, you consulted with an experienced Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney right away and learned that, in all likelihood, despite what your employer was telling you… read more

Commonwealth Court Holds That Injured Worker Did Not Withdraw From Workforce

In Chesik v. WCAB (Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs), the Commonwealth Court addressed whether an injured worker’s benefits should be suspended because she had voluntarily withdrawn from the workforce. Both the workers’ compensation judge and the workers’ compensation appeal board rendered opinions suspending the… read more

What Should You Do If You Slip And Fall On Ice Or Snow This Winter

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So You Have Been Injured At Work-Do You Need A Lawyer?

Your day starts out like any other. You get up, perhaps get your kids dressed and off to school, and you head to work. You know the routine, it is habitual at this point in your life. At the end of your shift or workday… read more

Commonwealth Court Holds That An Injured Worker Must File A Wage Loss Claim Within 3 Years Of The Date Of Injury After Claim Is Accepted By Way Of A Medical-Only Notice Of Compensation Payable

In Sloane v. WCAB (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), the Commonwealth Court held that an employee whose workers’ compensation claim is granted by way of a Medical-Only Notice of Compensation Payable following his work injury must file a Claim Petition within 3 years of the date… read more

Can You Sue For Pain And Suffering Following A Car Accident in Pennsylvania?

If you have been injured in a car accident in Philadelphia due to the negligence of another driver, you are always entitled to compensation for any out-of-pocket expenses and loss of earnings or wages incurred as result of your personal injuries. In other words, if… read more

Can You Sue The Government For Negligence in Pennsylvania? It Depends

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Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Holds That Truck Driver Involved In Motor Vehicle Accident May Not Collect Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Pennsylvania For New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident.

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, an employee who sustains a work-related injury in Pennsylvania is always entitled to pursue workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania, whether that individual resides out-of-state or actually lives in Pennsylvania. However, we are often asked to consult with truck drivers,… read more

“More Likely Than Not”- The Legal Standard In Personal Injury Cases in Philadelphia

Football season is upon us. All football fans, and even those who are not fans, have no doubt heard of the “Deflategate” scandal involving Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Thankfully games are now being played and the focus is once again on football…. read more

What Happens After You Have Won Your Workers’ Compensation Case in Pennsylvania?

You injured your back while working. After you were hurt your employer and its insurance company elected to fight your workers’ compensation claim. But after appearing before the workers’ compensation judge and presenting medical evidence in support of your petition, the judge decided the claim… read more