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Kensington, or Kenzo as it is more commonly referred to, is one of Philadelphia’s more up-and-coming and affordable neighborhoods. Unfortunately, its relatively-desirable status and location don’t make it any less prone to accidents.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in the area, you deserve to be adequately compensated by the responsible person or entity. Depending on the facts involved in the situation, you might have a claim for things like pain and suffering, financial expenses, and more. The Kensington personal injury attorneys with Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers. are here to assist from the start.

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How Our Kensington Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Fight for Damages

How Our Kensington Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Fight for Damages

Personal injury claims in Kensington can be more complex than they appear on the surface. One of the primary reasons why this is the case is that an insurance company is usually involved to one degree or another. The insurance adjusters these companies hire are trained and incentivized to reduce or eliminate their liability for the claims they evaluate. 

This means that if you aren’t fully aware of your rights and attempt to correspond with the insurer on your own, you might be taken advantage of. However, the good news is that hiring Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers will help you level the playing field. We understand the strategies the other side may deploy against you, and we know how to fight back effectively. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers can get to work in the following ways if you hire us:

  • Guiding you through the claims process and taking care of all the paperwork and communications with the other parties involved
  • Investigating your accident to determine your best legal course of action
  • Negotiating on your behalf when appropriate
  • Filing a lawsuit against the responsible party if necessary

These are just a few of the ways we’ll be able to help you. Give us a call today to learn more and to begin the process of obtaining the compensation you need to get back on your feet again. 

The History of Kensington in Philadelphia, PA

Although Kensington doesn’t have an official designation, its boundaries are roughly Front Street and 5th Street on the West; the Trenton Avenue Amtrak tracks on the North; Frankford Avenue on the East; and Cecil B. Moore Avenue on the South. 

Many aspects of the neighborhood give it a rich, albeit sometimes-troubled history. For one, Kensington was the home of the Nativist Riots of 1844, where anti-immigration mobs engaged in a series of violent uprisings. The neighborhood is also the birthplace of the K&A Gang, also known as the Philly Irish Mob, which is an Irish-American organized crime syndicate. 

In the 1960s, significant deindustrialization took place in the area, causing much of its population to relocate to the surrounding suburbs. This development, unfortunately, caused the neighborhood to succumb to degradation in many facets at that time.

Although this deindustrialization also caused portions of the neighborhood to become abandoned, there have been more recent grassroots efforts to revive the area. Nowadays, the neighborhood is on an upswing in many regards – with a growing number of establishments aimed at younger populations and professionals, as well as a brewery scene that is on the rise. Notable landmarks to this end include:

Considering the more recent efforts to evolve Kensington into one of the more desirable neighborhoods within Philadelphia, it’s an area worth exploring.

Our Personal Injury Law Firm’s Primary Practice Areas

Our Kensington personal injury lawyers have a combined 80 years of experience and have collected over $50 million for our deserving clients. In that time, we’ve been able to assist with almost every type of personal injury accident. Some of the practice areas our personal injury law firm is experienced with include the following.

Car Accidents

Pennsylvania has some of the most complex car insurance rules in all of the country, incorporating aspects of both the “at-fault” and “no-fault” systems. After a car crash in Kensington, reach out to our experienced attorneys for legal guidance so that you can pursue the best course of action.

Construction Accidents

After a construction accident in Kensington, you may have multiple avenues through which to collect compensation. Workers’ compensation is offered to almost every employee in the state. However, you might also be able to file a third-party claim for an additional monetary award. Learn about your legal rights and options today by scheduling your free initial consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are especially prone to suffering severe injuries in the event of an accident. You might have a substantial claim against the driver responsible for the crash, and our Kensington personal injury lawyers can help. Reach out today for legal advice and assistance.

Slip & Fall

Property owners and managers in Kensington must keep their premises reasonably safe. When they fail to do so, and a slip and fall accident occurs, they could be held financially accountable for the damages that result. Our legal team can guide you through the entire process.

Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks’ large size means that they have the potential to cause serious injuries and damage in an accident. These cases might also involve complex legal strategies, such as invoking the theory of vicarious liability. Get the help you need and deserve by hiring Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers to represent you. 

Wrongful Death

The wrongful death of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences imaginable. There’s no amount of money that could ever make up for this type of loss, but a claim against the responsible party could provide you with a sense of justice and financial relief. We are here to help in any way we can.

Damages Available in Kensington Personal Injury Cases

Two forms of compensatory damages are available to personal injury victims in Kensington: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include things like:

  • Lost wages
  • A decrease in earning capacity
  • Repair costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Other types of financial losses

Examples of non-economic damages include:

  • Decreased enjoyment of life
  • Emotional distress
  • PTSD, anxiety, and other conditions similar to these
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other losses that are not necessarily financial in nature

In addition to these compensatory damages, punitive damages might also be available. However, these damages are only awarded in rare circumstances, such as when the at-fault party intended to cause harm or was acting with reckless disregard for the safety of other people.

What Does It Cost To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia County?

Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers works on a contingency fee basis. As a result, we will only receive attorney’s fees if we obtain compensation for you at your case’s outcome. In that event, we would receive an agreed-upon percentage of that financial award.

The percentage varies based on the nature of the case, but generally speaking, it will be around 33%. Under this contingency fee system, it also won’t cost you anything upfront to hire us. 

We believe that the contingency fee basis benefits you as well as us. We’ll be incentivized to increase the value of your claim as much as possible, and you’ll be in a position to hire us even if the accident has left you on a difficult financial front. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this payment system and how it will work in your situation. We can describe this further during your free case assessment.

Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania Personal Injury Cases

Most personal injury cases in Pennsylvania have a two-year statute of limitations. This means you will have two years to file a claim after a personal injury in the state. A court of law will dismiss your claim, and you will lose your ability to pursue compensation if you miss this deadline.

However, it is possible that an exception applies in your case that allows you additional time. Contact us as soon as you can if you are uncertain about whether you still have time to file a claim, as we can look into the matter for you during your free case review.

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