Common Road Defects that Lead to Accidents

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Road defects are common issues on shared roadways and are the source of a number of roadway accidents. Public roads should be maintained and held to certain safety standards to ensure citizens are protected on roadways, and the government should be held accountable when they fail to maintain public roads and keep their citizens safe.

Many road defects commonly lead to accidents, a few of which are listed below.

  1. Potholes: Potholes are one of the main road defects that lead to accidents. Driving over a pothole, especially at the high speeds of a highway, can cause drivers to lose control of the wheel and hit other vehicles. Potholes may additionally cause tires to blow out, which can cause a variety of accidents on busy roadways. Motorcyclists have the highest probability of a serious accident when met with potholes at high speeds because they are more likely to flip or overturn as a result and sustain serious injuries.
  2. Depressions: Depressions are major indentations in roadways that have similar effects to potholes and can cause drivers to lose control over their vehicle and get into accidents. Depressions are particularly dangerous after it rains and are a common defect that often goes unnoticed or takes a long time to get fixed, which increases the likelihood of accidents on public roadways.
  3. Poor drainage: Poor drainage can result in standing water on roadways, which can cause vehicles to hydroplane or drivers to lose control over their vehicles. Additionally, if water levels are high, they may flood engines, which can cause functional issues with the vehicle and further increase the chances of accidents occurring.

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