Philadelphia Drunk Driving Attorneys

Like most states, Pennsylvania has little tolerance for intoxicated driving. It is hard to find a greater indication of negligence than driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Countless fatalities have been caused by drunken drivers, warranting a state-wide implied consent law. Luckily, this hard chemical evidence in drunk driving cases has been instrumental in helping juries and prosecutors prove beyond a reasonable doubt whether or not a person was driving while intoxicated.

At Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC, our Philadelphia car accident lawyers understand how painful and infuriating it is to be a victim of a drunk driver’s negligence. These car accidents can be life-altering and take a large physical and emotional toll on injured parties, and can be even more severe if they involve a pedestrian injury, motorcycle accident, or truck accident.

While we regret such an unfortunate accident has occurred, our experienced personal injury lawyers are fully prepared to mount a case that holds the appropriate party responsible for the injuries they have caused. Medical bills, property damage, and unearned wages can unjustly send victims into financial ruin during their recovery time. However, we are fully committed to fighting for restitution for your losses so you can properly heal from this accident, free of financial burden.

Penalties for Drunk Driving

Still life on old wooden table top. Car keys, several glasses and a bottle of whiskey or alcohol. Suitable for drunk driving.

The implied consent law obligates Pennsylvania drivers to submit chemical tests to law enforcement if they are under suspicion of intoxicated driving. For adults over 21, driving with a BAC over 0.08 percent is legally considered intoxicated driving. The general penalties for driving under the influence include:

  1. First offense: $300 fine or required ignition interlock device (IID) if chemical test is refused
  2. Second offense: 5 days to 6 months imprisonment, $300 to $2,500 fine, and 12-month license suspension with required IID during restricted license period
  3. Third offense: 10 days to 2 years imprisonment, $500 to $5,000 fine, and 12-month license suspension with required IID during restricted license period

Pennsylvania has a 10-year lookback period, during which previous DUI’s are still applicable for sentencing. Additionally, the state’s implied consent laws mandate automatic suspension of your license if you refuse to take a chemical test while pulled over. The degree of damage caused by a drunken driver is far-reaching. Not only are those in an intoxicated driver’s direct path at an unprecedented risk of injury, but victims and their loved ones often have their lives changed forever.

Contact a Drunk Driving Attorney

Drunk driving is an intentionally reckless act that has ruined many lives. At Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC, we are committed to pursuing every legal option available that will allow victims of intoxicated driving as much restitution for their suffering as possible. If you or someone you love was injured in a drunk driving accident, contact our Philadelphia offices. Our drunk driving attorneys can guide you through the process of holding the reckless party responsible for their actions. Reach out to us for support in your case today.