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Business litigation is different from personal litigation in a number of ways. To start with, business litigation may involve more than just two or three people, or two or three companies. Each company may have district offices, branch offices, or other locations that can all be affected by the outcome of litigation proceedings.

Besides having outlying offices, some companies are also part of larger organizations. When business litigation proceedings are initiated, the larger corporation may have to become involved in some way. This can mean having to deal with more than two or three legal teams.

Further, just because specific names are mentioned in business litigation proceedings, it does not mean that others are not or cannot become involved. For example, a certain office worker may be named, but that person has a supervisor, who has a supervisor, and so forth. The business litigation may eventually concern everyone, right up to the CEO.

Attorneys know this, and that is why some of them use the “shotgun approach.” That is, they try to get as many people involved as possible, in the hopes that they get the one who is actually responsible, or at least one who can ultimately be held responsible. This practice is common, although it is not particularly ethical.

a wooden courtroom.

A better approach in business litigation would be for the attorney to speak with those whom the attorney knows are definitely involved in some way, and from there determine who may or may not need to be included. By doing this, the case can be worked more efficiently, with less wasted time.

For these and other reasons, business litigation can resemble a minefield. If the proper steps aren’t taken, serious consequences can occur. For this reason, it is important that companies who are facing or initiating business litigation retain the services of lawyers who are skilled in such areas. Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC has attorneys who concentrate primarily on this field. We have handled cases in both state and federal courts throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey on behalf of individuals and businesses. We provide “big firm” expertise at much more affordable hourly rates. We understand that not every commercial litigation matter involves millions of dollars, and most people and companies can’t afford to pay exorbitant sums of money to lawyers when the outcome is not always certain. We structure our rates and budget in a way that recognizes the difficulties our clients face when they are forced to file a breach of contract action or other commercial litigation matter. Our attorneys come from big Philadelphia firms–we just don’t bill like them!

If you are facing the possibility of business litigation, whether as an initiator or other party in the proceedings, the sooner you contact an experienced business litigation attorney, the better. The attorney will start reviewing the facts and determine the best approach.

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