Can You Sue The Government For Negligence in Pennsylvania? It Depends

You slip and fall while walking down the steps at City Hall in Philadelphia. Or perhaps you are a passenger on a SEPTA bus and are injured in a car accident.  Or maybe you are just walking in Center City and you hurt yourself due… read more

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Holds That Truck Driver Involved In Motor Vehicle Accident May Not Collect Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Pennsylvania For New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident.

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, an employee who sustains a work-related injury in Pennsylvania is always entitled to pursue workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania, whether that individual resides out-of-state or actually lives in Pennsylvania. However, we are often asked to consult with truck drivers,… read more

“More Likely Than Not”- The Legal Standard In Personal Injury Cases in Philadelphia

Football season is upon us. All football fans, and even those who are not fans, have no doubt heard of the “Deflategate” scandal involving Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Thankfully games are now being played and the focus is once again on football…. read more

What Happens After You Have Won Your Workers’ Compensation Case in Pennsylvania?

You injured your back while working. After you were hurt your employer and its insurance company elected to fight your workers’ compensation claim. But after appearing before the workers’ compensation judge and presenting medical evidence in support of your petition, the judge decided the claim… read more

How Long Will My Car Accident Or Truck Accident Case Take?

One question we hear a lot from our clients that have been injured in a car accident or truck accident is “how long will my case take?” Unfortunately, that answer is determined on a case by case basis and there is no one size fits… read more

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Clarifies Filing Requirements For Workers’ Compensation Claims Against the Uninsured Fund

Recently, in Lozado v. WCAB (Dependable Concrete Work and UEGF), the Commonwealth Court reversed and remanded a decision from the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board that had affirmed the judge’s decision denying the injured worker’s claim petition on the basis that the worker failed to provide… read more

How Long Will It Take To Get A Decision On Your Workers’ Compensation Claim In Pennsylvania?

We have been handling workers’ compensation claims in Pennsylvania at our firm for many years. One of the most difficult things about fighting the insurance company on a contested work injury claim is that it takes time-often a lot of time. In fact, in our… read more

Approximately One Out of Every Seven Drivers On The Road Is Uninsured- Protect Yourself!

The Insurance Research Council estimates that nearly 1 out of every 7 drivers on the road is uninsured. That is roughly 15%, which is a staggering number. Additionally, in Pennsylvania, drivers only need to have $15,000 of motor vehicle liability insurance coverage, which means that… read more

Winter Weather Brings out the Worst in Philadelphia Drivers

You can feel it. The days are shorter, the air crisper and cooler, and if that werent enough, the Christmas displays in your favorites stores started going up weeks ago. Winter is on its way to Philadelphia, and with it comes winter weather followed by… read more

What You Can Do After you are Injured by the Mistakes of Others in Philadelphia?

Sometimes improbable things happen. Trains derail, hurricanes take out entire cities, and buildings collapse. Yes, buildings collapse. Right here in Philadelphia, on October 17, a project to demolish an apartment building on 22nd and Market went from routine to disaster. An unsupported brick wall, something… read more